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September 2018

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We all matter

Whenever we feel like telling ourselves that we are better than everybody else, or what happens to other people should not concern us, consider this:

We are not more important than anyone else. We are all equal. The death of one, is a loss for everyone. We may not feel it, but the journey anyone of us has, those who lived and continue to live in our lifetime, affects us all. Their actions, their thoughts, their miseries, grief, are part of what make this current generation we belong to.

I used to think that politicians, the rich and the powerful, the intellectuals, are more important than the rest of us who live day by day, kind of like what you call normal lives. But try to imagine a different world, where only the rich and powerful are the only ones present, no “common people.” Boring, right?

Each of us has a role to play and it brings harmony to a unique microcosm of humanity we all share. This is why human right is a very important issue and that the actions our politicians take should encompass even the most least represented sectors of our society. This also applies to our everyday thoughts and actions. How does my actions affect another person? If I trespass others, how can I make it up to him/her? How can I become a better person in the end?

“Even the fools have their share.”

We all matter.

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JM Mariano