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Bigbag Fresh: Grocery Shopping Made Easy! Grocery Delivery in the Philippines

Grocery shopping is one of the most tedious activities we do on a regular basis. The Philippines, in particular, is quite interesting for this topic because while fresh produce is abundant, getting them from the wet market to our individual homes is a challenge. Why? Most of our roads are not wide enough to accommodate increasing number of cars, most of them are in bad condition making it hard for logistic fleet to move. Our street signs are not consistent with international standards and they sometimes change making it difficult for online maps to identify them. And there seems to be a never ending repair all over.

When I was studying E-Commerce under Janette Toral’s class, I thought of creating something that would benefit ordinary Filipinos in terms of how they get their groceries fast and efficient. I live in Pasay but my birthplace is in Angeles City, so I thought a Grocery Delivery service in Pampanga would be something that would solve that problem. I particularly chose Pampanga because I know the cities in there well and I want my fellow Kapampangan to really benefit from this service.

This may not be the really first Grocery Delivery in the Philippines but I think that the service we offer is unique since we serve to fix the problem of getting daily grocery items and fresh goods like vegetables, meat and seafood, as well as fruits to each Filipino household in Pampanga. Money is not always the problem, yet how many times many find themselves settling with a can of corned beef because they are too busy or lazy to go to the wet market or grocery stores to get their food supply? With the heat and traffic and line at the supermarket? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That?

So we introduced Bigbag Fresh, the newest online grocery in town. Here you can order fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood and regular household essentials for laundry, health, and beauty, etc. and get them delivered right on your doorstep. The earliest delivery is next day as long as the available time slots are not yet filled up. We will soon operate in Pasig in Metro Manila so please watch out.

I was talking to my friend and fellow E-Commerce Professional RM Nisperos about how difficult it is to run an e-commerce site in the Philippines since the industry is young and not everyone is in there yet. We also run into some issues about how something like this could be maintained in years given the little resources we have. Guess it boiled down to advocacy. RM stated that if you know your advocacy and why this business exists and how it will benefit people in the process and solve their daily problem of getting groceries, you will succeed, and soon enough, the business will thrive with the right strategy in place. It kind of ring a bell and blow up a huge light bulb at the back of my head thinking that something like this could really be a solution to the increasing problem of obesity due to our increasing abandonment of local food. You see, because we don’t have time to go to the wet market and grocery store, we end up eating in fast food chains offering unhealthy food, devoid of vegetables, full of fatty components, and sugary drinks.

This is not what we need as a nation and we need to find a way to get to encourage our children to eat healthy and the only way to do that is to get these food right into each of the doorstep of Filipino families as efficient as possible. Price could be an issue at first because the industry is still young and the cost of logistics is high but as more and more Filipinos trust this service, getting the service cost and fees can be lowered as the business scale up. I want to see more people to use this service and see the benefit of getting their groceries online and use that time instead on something else like going to the gym or meeting their friends and spending more time with their families. This will be possible if Filipinos will support Filipino startup like me.

It’s been a long time coming, getting this online grocery in the Philippines setup and become fully operational, and finally it’s here. Shop now and enjoy the convenience of grocery delivery in the Philippines!

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