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How to Save Money

Saving money is a very difficult task to do.  You would agree with me if I’ll say that its easier to spend than to save. I have been looking for ways to save, too, because I believe that we all have the responsibility to take care of our finances and not be a burden to someone/somebody else and even for the government.

Here are practical tips on how you can save money. I hope that all of us here would benefit from them:

  • Set Saving Goals. Set a target amount to save every month but make sure that its realistic.
  • Set a Timeframe. Set a particular time or date to accomplishing your goal. From there, you will be able to figure out how much money you think you need to save every month in order to achieve that goal.
  • Record your expenses. Take time to do some accounting stuffs and record everything that you pay for a month. This would mean telephone bills, groceries, the Internet, rent, cable, entertainment, etc.
  • Cut Down Unnecessary Expenses. While recording your expenses, you’ll be able to find out that some expenses are important but not actually necessary. For example, if you are going out for dinner four times a week, cut it down to 3 times a week or less. You can also consolidate your debts or finance mortgage instead of renting an apartment. You can also use coupons when shopping.
  • Restrict Credit Cards Usage. Although credit cards are useful, they can drive your finances crazy if you don’t know how to budget your spending. Pay cash if you can.
  • Create  Budget Plan. Make a list of your day-to-day projected expenses. This would help you figure out how much you spend and how much you should save every month.
  • Pay Yourself First. Saving should be part of your daily “expenses”. Make sure that you pay your “savings account” first before anything else in order to make sure that there is money left in your account before paying off all the rest of your payable for a month. Do this on a regular basis and before you know it, you have already saved a lot.

I know this may sound a bit difficult but we gotta have that discipline in order to reach our target goal. Follow these tips on step at a time and strive to stick to it. Only then you’ll be able to save and secure your finances.

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