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The Philippines and its potential to lead ASEAN

The more I visit our neighboring Asian countries, the more I appreciate the Philippines. We just got to improve our mass transport system like the trains and buses. Add bullet trains to key areas like central luzon, cebu, and some important cities in Mindanao like Zamboanga, Davao, CDO, etc. There has to be some sort of political will to push that development in that area.

A political will too in removing all dilapidated buses, eventually cancel all franchises of these bus companies and take the public transport back to the government care. Buy new bus fleets, remove old jeepneys and replace them with electric ones and check on how we could incorporate jeepney character in them to preserve our culture. The gov has to totally take care of the mass transport.

Our people are our best investment. Filipinos are very flexible, very talented, and we speak good English. We can communicate with the world and it comes so easy for most of us. Even the ones who sell lanzones in the calles can actually speak good English. How cool is that?

Along with that, we have to fight corrupt officials and the only way to do that is to educate our people. We cannot just say “kasalanan ito ng mga bobotante”. No. We are responsible for our people and we cannot just shove that down to the throat of our policy makers and leaders. We have to do our part as well. Sometimes I feel that we just don’t have a clear sense of community. And this time there’s an opportunity to mend it.

Our history is very rich and we have endured so much as a nation. Our strength is our collective history, our diversity, and our sufficient interest to make this country progressive and more peaceful. There’s also a need to improve our tax system, make sure people get to have more money in their pocket so they could finance the improvement of their home and get more opportunity for recreation. I think that’s very important. We weren’t born just to work. We need to travel, too, and enjoy the rick diversity of our forest, seas, the beaches, and and people, too.

Here’s the beautiful roundabout in Central Jakarta,¬†featuring the Bundaran¬†HI.

Bandara HI Jakarta Indonesia
Bandara HI Jakarta Indonesia

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