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Which Social Network Do You Like the Most?

MySpace, Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, Tag, and Hi5, plurk and the lis continues. A lot of social networking sites were born and your friends might be affiliated to one. You probably were invited by one of them and feign camaraderie and sign up with your eyes closed. Its just horrible to maintain multiple social networking accounts. You won’t believe that I am registered to all of those websites. Uploading picture is a breeze in Facebook. Trust me.

But among the social networks that I have joined, Facebook is what I like the most so far. Its very neat and its easy to use. It may seem a bit confusing at first but as soon as you started using it, you’ll realize that you will never run out of things to do. By the way, the games didn’t appeal to me since I don’t know how to use them and they don’t interest me in the first place. I just love the idea that I am connected to my friends and family even if I am halfway round the globe away.

Multiply is good but I think that they have to improve on its speed. Its slows down and freezes my PC every time I open and browse through it. Friendster is a bit archaic. They need to change its layout and navigation. I haven’t tried MySpace but it looks almost the same as Friendster. Hi5 and Plurk are just “OK”. Although I still maintain access to all of my accounts, I only update the one I have in Facebook. Add me up at juliusbio(at)

How about you? Which social network do you like best?

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      i like facebook, too! :)

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