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How to use ClickTheCity iPhone App to Order Food in Restaurants Nearby

Stuck in hotel or your home and dragging yourself to household chores or office work that you can no longer cook for yourself? Hang in there. Order your food using an app in your mobile phone. Yes, I’m talking about ClickTheCity App, that fun app where you can check movie schedule. Surprisingly, it can do more.

I documented how you can use this app to order your favorite McDonalds meal since this restaurant is present literally present anywhere in the world. Make sure you download this app first from the app marketplace (iPhone/Android) to be able to use ClickTheCity’s mobile ordering service. Here’s how you do it.

Tap to open the ClickTheCity app in your mobile phone.


Then, tap the moving scooter icon on the left.


At this point, you will be asked to fill out some info field. Tap the Add Delivery Address to indicate where you want your food to be delivered. The app will then prompt you to elect a PIN. I think that this PIN is used to protect your account from being used by someone else in case you lost your phone or something. I intentionally removed my address here for my personal security chos! LOL.

After adding your delivery address, it will be added just below your name but within that white bubble. Tap that portion and it will take you to another page where the app will show which restaurant nearby are available for food delivery.


A list of food merchants will show up. In this example, I chose McDonalds.


Explore by tapping through the options below. I tapped on the Extra Value Meals – Medium.


I selected on the Big N’Tasty Meal.


Tapping on it will take you to a page to customize whatever you want that comes with your Big N’Tasty Meal.


 In this section you can have your fries to go medium, add dessert, or go large for your drinks, or if you want multiple orders for the same.


Tap on Add to Cart to proceed.


“Product was successfully added” notification will show upon tapping on Add to Cart. Green number icon will show up superimposing the shopping cart icon on the top right to indicate one order was placed.


Add more if you want or tap the cart icon to proceed to checkout.


The section below will give you a run down of the charges you will incur as part of the order. Tap Check out to proceed.


Confirm if the name, address, and charges computation is correct, then tap Cash on Delivery which is the only option for now.


You can either pay in exact amount or have them prepare for a change for a bigger bill like in this case PhP500. Tap Submit Order then you’re done! A representative will call you to confirm the order so double check the phone number you entered during registration is correct. You will receive a Delivery Request Summary email as well listing your order. Happy eating!


Huawei E583c Portable Wireless Modem

Because I want to be connected anywhere I go I tried this Huawei E5 E583c portable wireless modem. I have four devices all connecting to 3G so I decided to have something that will power all those gadgets and I am happy to tell you that Huawei gave me all convenience.

Huawei E5 E583c Wireless Modem
Huawei E5 E583c Wireless Modem. Photo courtesy of Jaypee David of

The box comes with the device itself and a manual. The manual is not BIG in terms of configuring which internet provider you connect to but it seems that it recognizes Smart telecom pretty automatically. Sun and Globe need special configuring from the people in the store where I bought the item. I actually bought Smart Bro Plug-It a few days back where it comes with 5 days free trial. On the 6th day, I tried it in Huawei, registered unlisurf and boom it didn’t work. Smart Bro people were no help so I decided to switch to Sun Wireless Broadband. I just bought a SIM with them and it worked pretty well until this day.

The device has a simple display which shows you the following:

  • signal bars
  • the wifi icon showing number of devices connected to the wi-fi
  • envelope icon for SMS messages (this tells you how many unread messages you have for that SIM)
  • the world icon which tells you that there is internet signal
  • battery icon giving you an idea as to how much energy it left before it runs out of power.

Plug and Play

Huawei E583c portable wireless modem can support up to 4 devices (actually up to five with anchored to a laptop or a device with USB port). But tried it one time and it worked all on 5 wireless devices with no problem at all. If you’re not as tech savvy as I am I’d suggest that you have the device configured with the people you buy the device from. I bought this in CompLink and they were kind enough to do it for me so that it would work either in Globe, Sun, or Smart.

The speed is OK where you could send and receive email, download pictures and documents but not much into watching videos. If you’ve tried those internet dongles before I guess you know what I mean.

Price and Signal

For only PhP5,900 you can play with your iPad, iPhone/iPod, and other wireless devices even when you’re travelling. Ironically, the signal becomes better when you’re you’re inside a moving vehicle!

I’m a computer addict so being able to connect to the internet, read news, send email, and update my social networking accounts while in a bus or car is such a big deal to me. I happen to use it while on my way to Manila from Angeles and I found myself with a big grin upon disembarking in Manila terminal. I mean, I love being connected. ;)

In Angeles City where I live the signal is cool and never fails to work. The only place this thing wont’ work is when I’m inside Ayala Marquee Mall, probably because they own Globe and they’re blocking Sun’s signal, or just because the signal won’t enter the building? The device gets a good signal in SM Clark.

In Manila and along NLEX, the device works well with my Sun SIM. SUn has a really good internet package where you can get 3 days of unlimited internet for PhP100 although you can get the PhP50 card for one day unlimited internet. As far as I know you can’t get to register internet surfing on your mobile device with Sun by using your regular load. You need to buy those special Sun wireless broadband card. It’s convenient with Smart and Globe though because you can use your regular load and just hit some keyword and send to a special 4 digit number and you’re done. The only problem though is that the signal is not good in my area and support is quite bad. So I recommend Sun at this time.

Battery Life

The Battery is pretty OK with 4-5 hours battery life (continued use) after that you need to connect it to a laptop or a power outlet to charge. If you’re concerned about giving it additional power while on the road, you can buy a battery pack which helps extend it’s battery life for up to 6 additional hours. The Apple battery pack are better.


It’s a great buy and I encourage people to buy it, too especially for are always on the go. For those who work online and planning to go mobile, this is a great choice better than the internet dongles you see being sold in the market today.

Two Faces of Marathon: NTC and the Real Thing

There’s nothing more exciting but to experience marathon in real life. I had to attend the Subic International Marathon 2011 due to the request of a friend who participated in the event. I must confess that I was fond of jogging back in high school but lost the interest after graduation.

Now, the sports seems to haunt me again as it’s pulling me left and right since most of my friends are into it. I asked what do I get from it aside from its health benefit and risk due to heat stroke and and possible dehydration and they said it’s the money! Getting on the first place could get you owning a grand prize of up to PhP50,000! Gimme 2 weeks to prepare and I’m buying the most expensive running shoes in the mall!

Riva, Jaypee, and I during the Subic International Marathon 2011
Riva, Jaypee, and I during the Subic International Marathon 2011

Yes, There’s Money in Marathon!

Well, I’m kidding (on the running part). I may join running but I do not want to see myself running like a horse just for the money. ;) Because I lead a sedentary lifestyle, staying at home most of the time since I started working freelance for some web development work, the idea of having a diversion such as this sports is somewhat entertaining. I didn’t participate in the marathon in Subic because I was recuperating from colds that struck our family two weeks ago. First time in 20 years since I got colds! I finally gave in from the cold weather and now my body has finally coped up. Here my cat accompanied me all throughout the whole ordeal.

cat in bed
Michifu loves being cuddled

Meanwhile, I saw these Kenyan (not sure)/African guys who run like leopards and horses! OMG! They’re so damn fast and how I love their legs! So lean and long! No wonder they topped the race!

NTC Scraps Broadband Data Cap Draft; my Digitel Experience

Because I stopped using Digitel since January 1, 2011, I was under the impression that the doomed Digitel people will soon find out from their system while they’re trying to “figure out” the problem of my poor internet speed. To my horror, I received an e-mail from Digitel telling me this:

Pls be informed that Fault No 5948454, FCID has alrdy been resolved. If you hv further concerns, pls call the Hotline 1200 from a Digitel landline. Thank you.

OMG! Funny! How can you fix something that is no longer being used with their physical landline and router totally disconnected? Haha Come on!

It’s OK to be cynical every time you call customer service these days

My abhorrence and repugnance to this company escalated when I visited their office in Nepo, Angeles City to cancel their pathetic service. I had to talk to a manager because the customer service staff who’s supposed to handle cancellation requests surrendered by the fact that she can’t take action on situations similar to mine – a disgrunteled, one-month old customer.

I talked to a supervisor/manager whose name is Loy Payongayonng. She was a very pleasant lady with a nice disposition in life as she narrated a little of her work history and hear the side of mine while working on my request. My anger surprisingly dissipated and vanished in thin air because of her warmth and understanding of the situation but I was not prepared to what she was about to tell me – that no record of phone call was ever recorded since I got the service on December 9, 2010. OMG! Like I called everyday since it was installed that their service was as slow as Galapagos Tortoises! Did I hear it right? None ever?! So who were the people I talked to over the phone then? Ghosts?! OMG! :-O

The ignorance and stupidity of the Digitel people finally dawned to all of us because of the fact that I received an e-mail telling me that the problem was resolved (on January 7, 2011) including Miss Payongayonng’s record online stating the same. I have this feeling that the incompetent customer service people of Digitel are asked to lie and not record transactions they make with their customers or purged these info to protect them from lawsuit or complaints once their customers starts seeking the help of authorities. I don’t know but that’s how I see them. If you don’t agree with me, then I seek explanation to the scenario above.

The above scenario is reminiscent to what others have experienced with other internet providers in the country; with records not showing any phone calls or visits that details complaint from subscribers. Poor us.

The future of Philippine Internet is doomed with NTC leadership

The recent draft considered by the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) to limit broadband data per consumer is the last straw in our drive to have a better internet in the country. Limiting an already turtle-like connection is unbelievable and shocking at that.

I sometimes doubt if NTC officials really understands technology or if they have ever used Internet outside their home and office? It takes a functional eardrum and an uncorrupted system and people to see that the problem of Internet service in the Philippines is alarming and warrants immediate investigation. And why does NTC is not acting on it? I don’t know. Go ask them. I’m tired already.

Internet is no longer a value-added service just like what these telcos in the Philippines believe. It’s as inherent as human right and something that we all deserve to have. It’s never a limited resource because Internet itself is self maintaining and refresh itself with proper tools, technology, and the works and effort of brilliant people.
I’m no expert in this field but it doesn’t take a rocket science intelligence to know that Japan can offer 1Gig minimum speed to residential customers and the US with 15MB speed with the same price as close as what we pay for 1MB-pathetic speed Smart, Globe, Digitel, PLDT, Comclark, and Wi-Tribe suppose to claim.

Truly, this Internet problem requires political intervention and will to enable us to move forward and fix the culture of corruption lurking among local players in this internet business.

Why I Oppose NTC’s Draft Memorandum Order on Broadband Cap

If you ask me which broadband provider in the Philippines is the best, I would say NONE. Perhaps, most of you out there will agree just how frustrating Internet service is in the Philippines. With tons of complaints flushing right at the doors of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) ranging from poor connectivity to no service at all yet no action is being done to help subscribers from this mediocrity and robbery, here comes another punch that will put customers as the brink of virtual death.

NTC, ‘upon the recommendation’ of Digital Telecommunications Phils. Inc., Smart Communications and Globe Telecom, Wi-Tribe Telecoms Inc., and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. Broadband Philippines Inc., has bargained with the idea that capping or limiting the daily broadband volume of data to each Internet subscribers as a response to the ‘increasing’ number of people who are taking advantage of unlimited volume of data provided by Internet service providers (ISPs) in downloading illegal files and music from file-sharing sites which I believe only accounts to only 5% of the entire Philippine population. Why punish the entire Filipino population for the fault of the few?

NTC Honchos are Busy Planting Trees in Farmville

Well that’s a joke. What I want to point out here is that NTC is failing or intentionally trying to avoid doing their job and investigate the substandard service being offered by the ISPs in the Philippines. If you are to compare the Internet service fees in the Philippines to its neighboring states you’ll find out that ours is expensive if not the ‘most’ with an unbelievably slow speed.

I sometimes wonder if the NTC officials have computers or if they even read the news or browse the web or even try to check their e-mail inboxes and read the correspondence of disgruntled customers who are being ‘robbed’ by these ISP’s. I mean, why impose cap on broadband usage when these ISPs aren’t even delivering service at par to the standard they are supposed to meet? How can you improve the business environment in the Philippines if we allow mediocrity in Internet service? These ISPs should be punished! Obviously, some powerful lords and agencies are protecting them and tolerating their shady business practices!

The Future of the Internet and the Business in the Philippines is Bleak

I’m no economist but I am pretty sure that restraining data downloads per consumer would hit everyone big time: for small to medium-sized business, enterprises using Internet as a tool to reach customers, people working online (like I do), advocacy groups, and individual consumers who rely on the Internet to connect with friends and loved ones.

My advice to NTC is to conduct an investigation on the disabling service of ISPs and how their pricing fits to the global marketplace and check if they are overcharging or not, OR if the service fee they are charging consumers is commensurate to the kind of service they are offering. Don’t ever compare NTC’s broadband capping idea to the other countries such as the USA and Australia because these countries offer better Internet connectivity than what we have here in the Philippines.

Sign the Online Petition

There is an online petition that allows you to sign and share your thoughts about broadband capping and the Internet in the Philippines in general. If you care about the future of the Internet in the Philippines, I encourage you to sign it and share it to your friends for this is one way for you to create a better internet and better Philippines.

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