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EDSA Bus Bombing: Testing Ninoy Aquino’s Leadership

I’m no political scientist but at least I can see just how things are starting to unfold their true colors now: that all these bombings are an act of destabilizing the present government. The reason why I said this is that these are the same thing happened during when Estrada was in office and people are clamoring for his ouster. Remember the Rizal Day Bombing (December 30, 2000)?

It saddens me that some groups have to really resort to violence just to get what they want or when they want to press changes in the government. Tell me I’m wrong because I see no reason why some groups have to do this other than hurting and killing innocent civilians. Its just plain wrong.

I never supported Aquino nor believed in his development platform during election but I must say that I expresed support the moment they took office. That’s probably one reason why our country cannot move on from our dark past given our affinity to the addictive People Power revolution that most us have taken as a hobby and the Catholic Church confused to what they really want to teach the public; whether they want to teach them spirituality or subversiveness.

Progress cannot be reached if we don’t stand up and extend our hard hand to “hold it”, the same way we cannot achieve peace if we ourselves cannot define it. If Malaysia industrialized their nation for a little less than three decades, we, too, can do it.

Sickening corruption in both the government, the police, and private firms are stifling our way to economic progress. As for the latter, most private firms do not exist to support related industries that depend on them. The performance of the internet industry alone in the Philippines have become so mediocre that our internet cafes and small businesses in the country are discouraged to function well either because of slow connection, unbelievably high cost of service, and untrained staffs which further explains the feeble infrastructure we have come to live with.

We got to have a government with “control” and this control means putting things in “order” in a reasonable way that helps the people and not discount our ability to perceive what is right and beautiful; right because it is mandated by the law, and beautiful because it results in an increased quality of life.

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JM Mariano